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Valerie’s Inspirational Warrior Woman Book

Today’s challenges are like never before, women are attacked physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually with their health, schedules, jobs, words, actions, and relationships. Valerie Ellery is challenging women everywhere to wake up the warrior within them and to get dressed to live victorious lives! Equipped properly, these women will learn to stand up and overcome these attacks. By becoming a ‘Warrior Woman’ and learning that “know means no,” Ellery teaches that you must KNOW how to have your armor shine with radiance so that there is NO way to become rusty, weak, or defeated!

Equipping the Warrior Woman: Strategies to Awaken Your Purpose, Strength and Confidence is a manual for the 21st Century woman who want to go deeper with God by giving them practical tools they need to be equipped for the challenge. It gives practical applications to identify ways to restore your vision while showing you how to take the necessary steps of action to fulfill your purpose in life with passion and peace.

  • Do you face your day with a “no-way” attitude, or do you express a “knowing” attitude?

  • Are you a growing as a worrier or a warrior?

  • Do you unravel or prevail in your storms?

  • Are you using a sheet or a shield to protect you?

Wake up Daughters of the King! It’s time to get dressed, take your stand, and become the Warrior Woman God intended you to be!

Warrior Woman Testimonials

"I LOVE this book. It is easy to read and provides insight, along with practical applications. I used it to lead my first women’s small group and it was amazing: seeing and experiencing lives being transformed. Valerie Ellery’s openness and transparency along with The Truth not only equips you, but sets you free…to be the woman of God He has called you to be. This is a great “tool” every woman should have: a book that you will refer to, time and time again!"

Suzzette Sannuto, FL

"I heard you and met you at Cold Springs Presbyterian Church when my dear and beloved friend, Jane Thomas, invited you to come there. As a result of that, your book, Warrior Woman, encouraged a physician at my church to be healed of stage 4 colon cancer. I took it to her that very day. She is now back at her job and practicing medicine today. Valerie, God is using you in powerful ways."

Janie Hull, TN

"Throughout this book, I would read a section here-and-there between my motherly duties. I would try to read a few minutes before bedtime, and then help the little ones to bed. I took a few minutes from my days, since that seems to be the only times I could “spare.” It was refreshing to be able to use this book as a way to take notice and apply the principles to my daily life. I could stop and remember a chapter or two I read and apply it to what was happening in my life at the time."

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Brooke Anna, Blogger

Valerie Ellery served as Women’s Ministry Leader at Bayside Community Church for almost 9 years, reaching over 6,000 members. Her book Equipping the Warrior Woman: Strategies to Awaken Your Purpose, Strength and Confidence has inspired thousands to be stronger as they fulfill their purpose in life. She now travels globally coordinating conferences, leading women’s retreats, and passionately communicating life-giving messages. Whether in church or educational venues, Valerie’s contagious zest for life will inspire audiences to stand strong today to make a difference for tomorrow!

She lives in Bradenton, Florida with her husband Gregg, who is Executive Pastor at Bayside Community Church, has four adult-children, a granddaughter, a grandson,  and is a Warrior Woman for God.

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